Fri Nov 05 2021

Written by: Odafe David

Time Attendance


One time in a class, PHL 201 (Introduction to Logic), my lecturer saw about 25 of us out of 109 that registered for the course. Truth is, almost everyone including myself hated the course. It was some form of gibberish to me, a creative student. He was mad. He then passed an attendance sheet around, promising us 10 marks for attending the class. By the time the sheet got back to him, he saw over 70 names on the sheet. 

What is the abracadabra that just happened?

We all helped our friends fill in their names on the attendance sheet. 

Crazy times.

Only if my school used a Time and Attendance Solution, my lecturer won’t have had to waste about 20 minutes of the class taking attendance. 

I know you are waiting for the money-making part. It is quite simple, selling Time and Attendance Solutions to schools. 

Let's do quick maths even if I hate maths.

If a school has about 50 departments with about 30 different courses, they will need at least 10 devices. As a solution provider, you decide to sell the BioTime Cloud solution at $200 per device and you lease a device at $100 per year.

BioTime Cloud $200 x 10 devices = $2000

Lease of hardware $100 x 10 devices = $1000

That's a total of $3,000.

Now imagine you provide this solution for 10 universities in a year. That's a whopping $30,000 annually. 

Using the current dollar rate of $1 = N574.89.

N574.89 x 30,000 =N17,246,700 (Seventeen million, two hundred and forty-six thousand, seven hundred Naira). 

Note: The cost of your service is up to you. You can bill your clients as high or low as you want. It boils down to what you’re offering the clients. ZKTeco is always here to assist you should you be interested in this.

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Let's talk about Time and Attendance Solutions for schools.

Tracking student attendance helps the teachers to keep track of student absenteeism and punctuality. It assists schools in determining the average percentage of learners who attend school each day over a year and in identifying measures to prevent dropouts. When this information is shared with government officials, it assists them in developing measures to prevent truancy and keep children in school.

A Time and Attendance Solution eliminates the need for pen and paper attendance. Some of us attended government schools with about 200-300 students in a class. Teachers come in during the first period and reel out names in alphabetical order. Imagine your surname starts with a W, it will take about 40 minutes to get to your turn. Tiring right? Now, imagine how the teacher feels.

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With a Time Attendance Solution like one ZKTeco provides, schools can manage and track student attendance data from both mobile and desktop platforms. All the students need to do is scan their ID card(RFID enabled), or use their fingerprint on the hardware while the software takes care of the rest. It reduces the workload of teachers by eliminating the need for them to spend valuable time marking attendance.


The primary goal of implementing a student attendance management system in a school is to streamline the attendance process. Apart from that, there are a few other compelling reasons for schools to invest in a student attendance tracking system.

Real-time attendance tracking

A student attendance management system aids in the real-time tracking and storage of attendance data. Apart from recording student and staff attendance, the system also assists school administrators in preserving and tracking leave applications, arrival and departure times, lunch breaks, and vacations of staff and students.

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Automate The Payroll Process

When Payroll Management Software is used in combination with an Attendance Management System, the payroll process becomes more automated and efficient. The school HR department can quickly manage employee absences and leaves at a glance, and modify compensation as needed based on that information.

Using the technology also decreases the likelihood of payroll system mistakes. Because the biometric system estimates accurate working hours and holidays, the HR team is less likely to make payroll mistakes.

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No Proxy Attendance

In many schools, just like the situation in my Philosophy class, particularly in the universities, students use proxies, buddy punching, or record tampering to alter daily attendance. Because each individual's biometric information is unique, using a biometric/RFID system with a Time and Attendance solution makes it practically impossible to fake attendance.

This ensures that the attendance is correct and that there is no room for student tampering. It also enhances the learners' punctuality and discipline.

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Instant Push Notification To Parents

Clock-in information is updated in real-time, and the Time and Attendance solution sends an automated text message to parents when their children clock in and clock out, thereby further protecting students.


Today, Time and Attendance Solutions are becoming an integral component of the digital revolution, which is sweeping the globe's schools. 

Because of the numerous benefits to the school, they are becoming increasingly popular in educational institutions.

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