Fri Jan 14 2022

Written by: Odafe David

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With 2021 over, small businesses anticipate a better year in 2022. While the COVID-19 pandemic is still wreaking havoc on businesses around the world, the availability of vaccines is giving people hope. 

As a business owner, I'm sure you have made plans for the year. I am just here to help amplify these plans.

I spoke with experts in marketing, technology, and human resources to learn what to expect in 2022 for small businesses and how to capitalize on these trends.

Here are some of the trends;

Contactless Customer Experience

Contactless Customer Experience' is a phrase that has been thrown about during the pandemic. It means that customers should have as few physical contact points as possible to provide them with the most hygienic and secure way to conduct business. In simpler terms, customers should be able to do business with you without having to touch any surface.  When creating a contactless customer experience, keep in mind that all stages of the visitor customer journey should be considered: before, during, and after the visit.

Businesses can develop digital touchpoints using cutting-edge technologies, such as:

1. Access Control with Mask Detection and Temperature Detection.

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2.  For hotels, mobile keys and cloud-connected hotel locks instead of a keycard and traditional Bluetooth locks. 

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3. Cashless payment method

Traditional Marketing will Lose its Sauce

The pandemic brought a lot of changes in marketing. With many people working from home,  spendings on billboards, newspaper adverts, will reduce. Most people have a smartphone and are always on their phone,

that's why it's no surprise that businesses are increasingly focusing their efforts on social media sites. That tremendous expansion isn't going to slow down in 2022. According to Finaria's estimates, social media ad spending would climb by 15% in 2022, bringing the total amount spent on social media ads to $105 billion. That's nearly double the overall social media ad spend of $54.4 billion in 2017. So it's important to key into this new marketing trend.

Remote or Hybrid Remote: EMBRACE IT

As a result of the unpredictability of the 2021 Omicron variant, many employees prefer and continue to work remotely or from home. Most of my friends resigned from their jobs to take up remote work.

Employees have grown to appreciate the flexibility that remote work provides. For individuals that require in-person communication, a hybrid work paradigm with some in-office work and the rest of the time spent remotely has shown to be a viable option.

One of the benefits of remote and hybrid work is the time saved from going to the office—some people save several hours per week by not having to drive or take public transportation. 


used this extra time to spend with their families, develop new skills, or do what they enjoy. Businesses have also profited from reduced office space or the elimination of offices.


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Standard Chartered Bank recently announced that they are shutting down 50% of their branches in Nigeria so they can move to Digital Banking. What does this mean for them? It means lesser running costs as their staff will work remotely. They will be able to save more money by eliminating office spaces, transportation and other things.

If you are worried about your staff using work hours for personal business, BioTime has got you covered. With BioTime, your staff can work in shifts or remotely. Learn more about this

Data Analytics and Artificial intelligence (AI) is the New Soul for Businesses

Data Analytics and Artificial intelligence are a perfect combination, allowing businesses to collect vast amounts of data while also using machine learning to make sense of it. 

Businesses might utilize the information gained in this way to better target marketing efforts or identify new efficiencies in internal processes.

The Generation Gap will be More Evident

During the pandemic, generational divides were exacerbated, as Gen X (42 – 57) considered early retirement and felt increasingly displaced by the digital revolution. Given the low rate of employee engagement among older employees, the attention has shifted from Generation X to Generation Z and Millenials. (those 35 and younger). As an employer, you can attract the best from Gen Z and Millennials with the following:

  • Be value-driven and in sync with their particular value system.
  • Have particular diversity, equity, and inclusion programming.
  • Ensure economic stability
  • Work schedules are more adaptable. If they can earn greater pay, 58% are willing to work nights and weekends.
  • Communicate clearly and openly about their procedures.
  • Compensation is competitive. Cash compensation is the top objective for 54% of Gen Z job searchers.

Looking at these trends, you will notice employees and customers will be a major focus in 2022. Employees are concerned about their well-being. You'll have to consider what's best for both your staff and your business. Customers who are happy with their staff are likely to be happy as well.

Customers have their wants and needs. These will also need to be taken into account. This may necessitate investments and adjustments to your company's operations.

Nobody knows what unexpected obstacles could arise in 2022, but if your company is robust, you will be able to overcome them and emerge stronger than before.

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