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Smart Lock

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When installing the ZKBiolock on the win10 pro

First install the SQL Server2012 database and then install the ZKBiolock, and configure the database in the software.



Biometrics and National ID

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Connected fingerprint reader and not, the result is not the same

Due to the limitation of the algorithm, a fingerprint reader must be connected in order to initialize the algorithm library and the comparison interface can be invoked.

Fingerprint comparison always fails

1.Confirm whether the fingerprint template of the customer is correct 

2.Confirm that the customer's own development process has judgments on algorithm library initialization and fingerprint reader connection. The algorithm library initialization may fail but the client still invokes the comparison interface.

Access Control

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Can FR1200 support Ver9.0? Can FR1200 be connected with C3?


FR1200 can only support Ver10.0; FR1200 cannot be connected with C3, because C3 does not support fingerprint.

Access3.5 sets the authentication mode, VF300&MB360 does not change

The VF300 & MB360 products are time and attendance terminals with simple access control. 

The operation of modifying the verification mode on the Access 3.5 software is for the access control. Therefore, the software is set up and the device has not changed.

Only devices with advanced access control can synchronize the authentication settings on Access 3.5 to the device.

EU01 can't get card number from external wiegand reader

It shows "invalid card number" when you try to register card number for a new user.

Need to close parity check of wiegand reader, set parameter ExtNeedParity to 0.

Uface800 auto restart Check fingerprint reader and camera.

Replace damage fingerprint reader or camera. Pay attention to replacing the correct type of fingerprint reader or camera.

TF1700 doesn't push up log

It is due to wrong time stamp, Delete/data/uplog.dat and restart device, run demo, it will start to push up log

ZKTeco Software

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ZKBioSecurity3.0 trial information

For ZKBioSecurity3.0, it offer 30 days for you to test, no need to get the license. You are free at the first 30days after installed. And if you don't think it is enough for you, you could check the demo link in our website to test more

Device can not connect to BioTime8.0

Just click the auto add, and add a new name to device then the device information will appear completely.

Attendance module disappears after Access3.5 activates public license

The attendance module of the new version of ZKAccess3.5 is chargeable and requires a license. The public license does not include this feature.

Cloud Server Setting (ADMS) shows Disabled

Contact technical support to set device parameter: ServerType=0.

CCTV Surveillance

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If I forgot the password of DVR/NVR, how can we login in DVR/NVR.

Please send us the snapshot of DVR/NVR screen with clear date and time (as

below),we will give you a super password to login in the DVR/NVR.

Why is the camera’s image unclear?

1. Unmatched lens mount. There are two types of lens mount for box cameras,respectively are CS mount and C mount, the lens and camera must be matched with the same type. 

2. Use Focus in / focus out to control the Clarity. 

3. Check whether the lens or housing gets dirty. 

4. In case of strong light condition, please select electronic iris as the lens type.

What phenomena might occur if there is lack of power supply?

1. ICR switches frequently. 

2. The camera’s image looks dark. 

3. Some ripples appear in the image. 

4. The camera might reboot frequently

What are front-end and Back-end?

A simple monitoring system is mainly composed of front-end and back-end and intermediate equipment. The front end is a camera and the back end is a video recorder. The intermediate equipment includes switches, fiber optic transceivers and cables.

What is 4K?

4K is 8 mega pixel which is same with four 1080P. At present the common 4K resolutions are 3840 by 2160 and 4096 by 2160 pixels, our devices are 3840 by 2160 resolution as 4K.

What is H.265?

H.265 is new video compression technology, the compression performance of H.265 is doubled higher than H.264. For the same image quality, the record space of H.265 only half than that of H.264.

What is POE?

POE (Power Over Ethernet) is provide the power through network cable, without the need of additional power cables for power supply. However, not all of the devices support POE, and only when the devices (switches, NVRs and cameras) support POE, also support same protocol, then power will be supplied. 

What’s the standard of our POE?

There are two standard POE protocols, IEEE 802.af and IEEE802.3at, Our POE Dome cameras and bullet cameras are in IEEE802.3af standard protocol.

How much is the POE power supply distance?

In theoretical, power supply distance is the same as the transmission distance of the network cable both are 250m,.due to the influence of cable quality and wire loss, it’s recommended the POE power supply distance not to exceed 80m.

What are real-time and Non-real-time?

Generally, images’ standard frame is 24fps, when it’s higher than 24 fps the image can be seen smoothly, it’s called real time; when video frame is lower than 24 fps, there will be a sense of stutter, it’s non-real-time. Since the video has P/N format, when the P system reached 25 frames or the N system reaches 30 frames is real-time.

What is P format and what is N format?

P and N format are two different systems in the traditional TV industry. In order to matched with TV system, for video surveillance industry still use these two formats. The Pal format defaults to 25 frames, which is mainly used in China, Southeast Asia and other regions, and the NTSC defaults to 30 frames, which are mainly used in Latin America and other regions.

What is NVR?

NVR is network video recorder, which can implement many functions such as access, preview, setting, control, recording, and alarm to the front-end IPC. 

What’s the default IP of NVR?

NVR’s default IP address is

What video output interface does our NVR support?


What to do if forgot the password?

If you forget the password, the current time of the device (date and time) will be required to

provide technical support, technical support is given by the super password, change your

password to login into the NVR

NVR’s image is normal, but the buzzer does not stop?

Click the button to disarm the alarm, and the buzzer will stop. More info need to check the alarm


Why can I not operate the menu?

Click Start menu to login at first or you can not do any operations.

How to modify the password?

Login with administrator account, then enter the menu “User manage=> user info”, select the

user which need to modify, then click “modify” to change the user’s password.

Dose our NVR support ONVIF protocol?

Yes, the default port of ONVIF is 8082.

Why not find video record?

If can not find video record, check the HDD status first, then check the devices time(default year

1970), adjust the time, then continue to record. Finally configure the video record plan.

What’s the format of the video backup file?


How to close boot wizard?

Enter menu “system management =>system parameters=> other configuration”, deselect “launch boot wizard

Can our NVR access with IPC from other manufacturers?

Yes, support all IPC access, which supports ONVIF proto